Solar energy for Telecom

Mobile telecom networks are continually expanding, more often into areas with limited or no access to power infrastructure. At the meantime, operators and tower companies are struggling with unreliable and expensive power for existing networks. Choosing diesel as the main power source for base stations, or as the backup for an unreliable grid, is becoming increasingly hard to justify– both economically and environmentally.

Solar Power System stands as the most reliable solution.


Solar power for telecom and remote systems require little to no ongoing maintenance, thus making them an attractive alternative to generator or potash battery systems. Environmental concerns are addressed with pollution-free solar engines. With the highest reliability factors, solar array and battery systems can endure months of hostile weather while still providing power to critical systems.
With a mobile or stationery solar remote systems, mountain-top repeater sites, microwave relays, remote telecom applications, hand tools, laptop charging, dedicated load lighting and portable radio systems can be powered easily.
Requirements for these systems are reliability, durability, and low maintenance. When considering the costs of running diesel generators in remote locations or other charging sources, solar power is a cost effective solution for all remote applications, such as: VSAT, WIMAX, Antennas, Access points, RF end points, Security systems, Electric fences, Cellular repeaters, Laser transmitters, Automation control, Microwave repeaters, etc

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